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COSTAR Celebrates Product Launch at TerryWhite Chemmart Strathfield

To signify the introduction of COSTAR health supplement range at Australian retail giant TerryWhite Chemmart, a grand COSTAR product launch is being hosted at TerryWhite Chemmart Strathfield from 17/11/2017 (Friday) to 19/11/2017 (Sunday).

COSTAR would be celebrating its TerryWhite Chemmart product launch with a giant front-of-shop display, knowledgeable staff dedicated to introduce customers to COSTAR products, special discounts, gifts with purchase, and free fairy floss and balloon giveaways.

The COSTAR event would be hosted strategically in concurrent with TerryWhite Chemmart Strathfield’s VIP sale, which is expected to bring in extra footprint to the store.