OEM Services

Our OEM Services and Quality Assurance

We excel at providing our customers with complementary medicines to assist and maintain optimal health and overall wellbeing.

Grounded in expertise and driven by innovation, we provide our customers with strong transparency, from sourcing the highest quality raw materials from our approved and reliable raw material suppliers through to manufacturing and distribution.

Star Combo has the following accreditations and certificates:

1. TGA Licence for Non-Sterile Medicine Manufacture of Tablets, Hard Shell Capsules, Soft Gel Capsules, Powders and Granules.

2. GMP Certificate for GMP Compliance of a Manufacturer.

3. NSW Food Authority for FSANZ Food Standards Code for the manufacture of Process Pasteurised Dairy Products.

Supplier Audits

One of the key attributes in assessing the quality in our finished product is ensuring that only the best raw materials are used. Star Combo has built a robust supplier auditing process to ensure that the supplier partnerships are only approved upon successful testing of the raw materials received on all key parameters. For approved suppliers, our partners still must participate in a yearly supplier evaluation and ongoing testing to ensure continuous quality control of raw materials are being used at Star Combo. As the ordering volume grows, we are also increasing direct sourcing from the manufacturers of key ingredients; this creates better consistency of raw material from batch to batch.

All chemical and microbial testing is conducted by our approved NATA accredited third-party testing laboratory and research institutes. Furthermore, our secondary packaging material also follows a supplier qualification process that is less stringent than it is for raw materials.

Ongoing Quality Control

Star Combo is dedicated to sourcing the highest quality products and ingredients. We have built strong long-term relationships with our existing suppliers and quality audits play an integral part in the selection process. More importantly for ongoing monitoring every product has passed more than 30 tests and quality assessments. As part of the quality management system, retention of samples from every batch is kept in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment for ongoing testing and quality evaluation to cover the whole shelf life of all products.

Manufacturing Process and Distribution

Star Combo’s manufacturing processes are in compliance with standards of goods manufacturing practice, and every step of the manufacturing process is governed by our Quality Assurance team. We have full traceability through our entire manufacturing process by utilisation of a goods-inward number system. For a full scope of the manufacturing process, please refer to the attached manufacturing operation chart. (Link?)

Our highly skilled and experienced quality team includes analytical chemistry engineers, pharmacists and biochemists who provide our customers with formula innovation, new product trials and development and process improvements to existing and new formulations.

For OEM Services please visit Costar Pharma Official Website: https://www.costarpharma.com.au/