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Excellency in Business- An Interview with NSW Business Chamber

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It was an honour for us to receive an interview from the NSW Business Chamber today. The interview lasted for four hours, along with an in-depth tour of our Smithfield, Sydney manufacturing site.

Elle, from NSW Business Chamber, sat down with our managing director and pharmacist Su Zhang to discuss how Star Combo achieved its excellency in business. Over the last five year, Star Combo has demonstrated double-digit growths in profits. Star Combo currently manages seven brands, with the recent addition of premium brand Living Healthy. Foreseeing a strong, continuous growth, Star Combo's recently relocated its manufacturing department to the huge, modern, TGA-approved factory in Smithfield to increase its production capacity.

This prediction of continuous success of Star Combo’s business lies in part for the huge demand for quality Australian made products from neighbouring Asian countries. Dubbed as the next “Asian food bowl”, it is obvious that there is an on-going trend for high-spending middle-class Asian consumers to lean towards our country for well-being and health-related products.

Indeed, Star Combo already ranks among leaders of Australian exports, achieving multiple Export Awards and Business Excellence Awards in the past years.

For all the headlines, the fact remains that Australian health supplement businesses are big, profitable business that are paying handsome returns.

Locally, in Australia, Star Combo has recently achieved a strategic partnership with TerryWhite Chemmart, the largest national pharmacy retailer, to be the exclusive supplier of Living Healthy supplements. An annual supply of up to 20 million supplement capsules are predicted to be demanded by the retail giant.

“We are starting to move towards an international expansion phase, as our Asian customers are increasingly interested in high value health care products and that is where we show a tremendous advantage,” said Su Zhang.