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J&K new hand sanitiser product range to support fight with COVID-19

In response to the growing demand and the government’s call to re-tool, Star Combo has shifted some of its current production capability in the existing manufacturing plant to the production of hand sanitisers.

The brand launched is the J&K hand sanitiser gel range which suits office use, home use, school and any travel in between. The pack size available includes 50ml,60ml,400ml and 500ml.
The new products are formulated in accordance to the suggested guidelines provided by the Therapeutic Goods Administration which contains 75 per cent alcohol in aqueous solution.  Star Combo has worked with the Symbion (Pharmacy distributor) in an effort to help
meet the current demand in the local market.
While washing hands with soap is considered to be the most effective way to practice good hand hygiene during the COVID-19 pandemic, hand sanitisers can play an important role in keeping hands as free from harmful microorganisms as possible.