• Costar Shark cartilgae 750mg 365s
Costar Shark cartilgae 750mg 365s

Costar Shark cartilgae 750mg 365s

  • Product code: C29C-365
  • Each capsule contains: Shark cartilgae 750mg
  • Packing size: 365 Capsules
  • Product description: Costar Shark cartilgae 750mg 365s
Shark Cartilage
Each capsule contains: 750mg
Quantity: 365 capsules
Condition: SEALED, brand new, original packaging
Directions: Take 2-3 capsules daily or as directed by your physician
Additional Notes: Australian made
Blue Shark Cartilage is obtained from the most pollution free waters, the Antarctic Sea around Australia and New Zealand, which is the highest quality. Blue Shark Cartilage may be beneficial for assisting in the maintenance of general well being. It may help increase joint mobility associated with arthritis; reduce join swelling and joint inflammation associated with arthritis. It also supports joint health including temporary reflief of pain and stiffness associated with inflamed joints.

Some known benefits:
- Provides relief from Arthritis
- Eye complications
- Anti inflammatory properties
- Helps in diminishing Psoriasis
- Acts as an immune booster
- Protects the digestive syste,
- Helps in treating Glaucoma
- Wound healing
- Kidney cancer
- Osteoarthritis
- Breast-, colon-, lung-, prostate-, and brain cancer, and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.
Warning: Not suitable for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women.