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Living Healthy in TerryWhite Chemmart Conference

The TerryWhite Chemmart Conference – One which jointly hosted by TerryWhite Chemmart and Living Healthy was held in Sydney at Hyatt Regency on August 26, 2018.

Over 450 Terry White Chemmart owner and Sales manager are coming for this exciting conference, Star Combo CFO Patrick Raper presented the development and achievement of Living Healthy was made last year to all participants, he also shared the future strategic and developing direction of our company and brands.

The founder of TerryWhite Chemmart Terry White came to Living Healthy booth, spoke highly of our products’ quality and brand image. He tells us that company should keep building its own brand and make it significant, hold the idea of “Based on first-line and Make Accurate prevention”.

At that night, Living healthy collaborated with Terry White Chemmart brought a fabulous feast for all guests.

Last year 5 Sep 2017 Sydney health supplement manufacturer Star Combo has formed a strategic partnership with Terry White Chemmart to be the exclusive supplier of the Living Healthy supplements range, with an estimated 10-20 million capsules to be delivered to the pharmacy chain a year.

Over the past year, Star Combo is keen in brand building, packaging design, enhancing products ‘advantage and optimizing formula. It brings Living Healthy a new brand image. By sponsoring the 2018 Australia-China Cross-border E-Commerce Fair and other Cultural and sports activities and conducting series marketing strategies like: Opinion Leader Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Product Placement, supporting shop owner with promotion, it brings the popularity of Living Healthy a big growth in Australia market and overseas market especially in Asia. Living Healthy has gained recognition of high performance from Terry White.


In August 8, 2018, Star Combo announced that Star Combo acquired Austoyou. The collaboration of two enormous corporate entities will contribute to cover manufacture, brand building, on-line and off-line sales and supplements, and bring customers even better products and experience. In the next half year for 2018, Star Combo will make persistent efforts to make new achievements.

As Terry White self-owned brand, Living Healthy products have a professional pharmacist team with years of experiences. We keep higher standard to service Australia and overseas customers in heart and blood vessels health, epidemic prevention, accurate vitamin supplementation and bone strength and maintenance. In the future Star Combo will keep developing the advantage in combination of company manufacture and sales marketing to service our customers, and make the best of disease prevention.