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Ingredient of the Year: NMN-Healthy Aging

The high in demand NMN product has been manufactured extensively by Star Combo in multiple dosage forms.
NMN act as an anti-aging supplement which aims to increase energy and supports cognitive function. NMN may easily boosts NAD+ levels and promote healthy aging by repairing damaged DNA. NMN may increase cell vitality, relieve fatigue, and increase daily energy levels. NMN may also assist to enhance brain function, promote metabolism, and get better sleep.
The continuous flow of scientific findings on NMN have been published over the years, validating the ingredient’s function and efficacy. This has led to a strong consumer demand for scientifically based NMN products to compliment healthy aging.
The main target market is men and women in their 40s and 50s. In this category there are not a lot of distinctively targeted nutraceuticals available.
We are able to provide extensively unique formulations of NMN or NAD+ products, including pure NMN, or NMN plus Q10, or resveratrol with our strong R&D and commercial team
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