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2018 Seniors Week


An excellent enterprise must be an enterprise that has social responsibility to society. Since its founding 14 years ago, Star Combo has always been devoting itself to the common pursuit of both business and society. While developing a high profit for the company, Star Combo pays close attention to the local economy and, in recent years, enthusiastically supports social charity events with concrete actions. Every year, Star Combo conducts regular donations and talks, repeatedly providing assistance and education to all Australian communities.

"Every good move will make this world a little better." As a socially responsible company, Star Combo has always been adhering to the corporate philosophy of "Delivering Quality Health Products and Contributing to Society", and actively responds to the community's call.

March 3-12, 2018 is the Fairfield City’s Seniors Week dedicated to celebrate the role of seniors and their contribution to NSW communities to meet the policy goals of an inclusive community. Every year during Seniors Week, community organizations organize hundreds of events, including arts, sports, music, entertainment, technology, entertainment, health, good nutrition and more! This year, Star Combo is dedicated to sponsoring Fairfield Council for the elderly in NSW and a charity event will be held at the Cabravale Leisure Centre on March 7, including nutritional talks and health supplements goodie bags, educating the elderly to stay healthy and helping them achieve good nutrition.

Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise, but also the fundamental for the sustainable development of enterprises. In a modern market economy, only a well-performing enterprise that has fulfilled its social responsibilities can win the widespread attention of the society and the public's praise. Star Combo Pharma Ltd fully exhibits the broad ambition and high social responsibility of an emerging modern business enterprise.