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Dr.Lubna Noorani joined the board seminar of Complementary Medicine Australia (CMA)

Dr.Lubna Noorani (Quality Assurance Manager of Star Combo Australia) has been invited as a key industry representative on to the board of the Digital E Commerce Committee of Complementary Medicine Australia (CMA) on 4th Aug 2020.

The participants are experts from  different Complementary Medicine  industries in Australia . The purpose of the committee is to oversee, analyse and address the emerging e commerce environments in the context of inbound and outbound market access, address relevant regulatory and trade considerations with market development.

As a board member Star Combo Australia has contributed actively in the discussion of the meeting to represent the changes in landscape of the pharmaceutical manufacturing environment in Australia.  Star Combo Australia and other board members of CMA will continue to promote appropriate industry regulation and advancement to ensure consumers have access to complementary medicines of the highest quality and ensure a strong and sustainable industry.