• Costar Colostrum 45IGg 200s
Costar Colostrum 45IGg 200s

Costar Colostrum 45IGg 200s

  • Product code: C23W-200
  • Each tablet contains: Colostrum 45IGg
  • Packing size: 200 Tablets
  • Product description: Costar Colostrum 45IGg 200s

Product Information

Costar Colostrum is pure and undiluted, sourced from certified healthy cows that are free from pesticides, antibiotics and synthetic hormones. It is an incredible source of Proteins, Immunoglobulins, GF’s, Nutrients and Minerals and helps strengthen the immune system, fight viruses, bacteria and parasites, help with better digestion, bowel function, tissue building and faster recovery in fitness and sport.


Always read the label; take only as directed.
Products containing bovine colostrum powder contain lactose and cow’s milk proteins.
This product is not suitable for use in children under the age of 12 months except on professional health advice.


Take 1 capsule 1 to 2 times per day between meals or as directed by your qualified healthcare professional.